LENOVO M81 / CORE i5 2400 3.1GHZ / 4G RAM / 1TB HDD

Currently building on this unit it'll be updated as I go along. The specs you see above is how the unit came (stock) / purchased from Amazon.com for 95.00 refurbished. Unbelievable deal for a core i5 based PC. Small form factor will limit us to what graphics processing unit we can use - but their still good cards that don't break bank. There are 4 expansion slots for ram giving you up to 16G of ram if wanted.

Turning this into a media center for the flat screen and PC gaming unit.

To begin you'll need:

1. A flash drive (obviously), I used a 16G Sandisk flash drive I had laying around. Couple years old..

2. Rufus (Download). A program that creates a bootable disk from a storage or recordable image file.

3. The operating system (obviously) your trying to install / in my case I wanted to install a VL version of a OS I had on another unit.

Using MagicISO I created a ISO image file (basically a copy of the dvd/cd in 1 file). So now we have the operating system file we going to load into Rufus to create the bootable USB installation.

4. Load the image file you just made into Rufus, plug your USB flash drive into your PC. Click start & Rufus will do the rest of the work for you. Take note that your flash drive will be reformatted.